Our services

Israel's healthcare system is considered one of the most advanced in the world. The national healthcare system and the advanced therapeutic approaches have led to a system that is continuously searching for new innovative solutions and technologies.
With our market experience, commitment and professional approach, Tec-O-Pharm-Libra is the perfect partner for you in Israel !

We offer a wide range of services

Logistics services

  • Import – We co-operate with leading global business partners to assure that your products are safely shipped to a high standard GMP/GDP warehouse in Israel, certified by the Ministry of Health for storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
  • Warehousing & Re-Labeling: We partner with certified professionals to re-label your products according to the registration approval terms and your marketing needs.
  • Distribution: Our products are distributed nationwide, In Israel and Palestinian territories, to all pharmacies, medical centers, sick funds, Israeli Ministry of Defence  and other customers in our region.

Quality and Regulatory Affairs

  • Tec-O-Pharm-Libra's regulatory affairs team includes in-house Responsible Pharmacists and RA professionals. This team manages registration and product dossier maintenance of pharmaceuticals.
  • Our Pharmacovigilance system is managed by our in-house QPPV.
  • Tec-O-Pharm-Libra's quality system is focused on compliance (cGMP/GDP) to ensure the safe and efficient use of our distributed products as well as continuous improvement of our services. Our company holds a Manufacturer / Importer Authorization (MIA), the GMP system is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and our QMS is audited by global partners and is certified for ISO 9001.

Marketing & Sales

  • Promotion and marketing – We are experienced in promotion and marketing to all Israeli hospitals, public sick funds, pharmacies and pharma chains, the Israeli Ministry of Health, the Israeli army, public and private clinics, the Palestinian Authority health system and participate in Israeli Institutional tenders.
  • Products are promoted by skilled teams that meet the specific needs of each unique product in the various therapeutic fields.